PRF and Dentistry

PRF stands for platelet rich fibrin

The use of PRF in dentistry was first introduced by its inventor Dr. Joseph Choukroun MD from France.
Healing factors as related to the patient:

1)   When a patient has low vitamin D levels; below 30 ng per ml of blood, healing will be slowed, and it is also associated with higher levels of allergies. The human body produces its own antibiotics, vitamin D is necessary for this process. (Reference: Olsen, European Journal of clinical microbiology)
Deficiency of vitamin D increases the prevalence of the harmful strains of the following bacteria in the body: Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, Klebsielia, E. coli, and Candida.

57% of patients going through surgery of any kind have a deficiency in vitamin D.  Deficiency in vitamin D also increases the prevalence of neuromuscular pain by 50%.  Supplementation with vitamin D should be with D2 & D3 for one month before surgery for patients who are deficient in vitamin D.

Furthermore, there is a correlation between higher levels of vitamin D and lower LDL and " bad cholesterols".

2)  High levels of LDL are proportional with high levels of oxidized LDL, which is responsible for the death of the osteoblast cells. (Reference M. Brudeur 2009 cholesterol metabolism and osteoblasts)

3)  Higher viscosity of blood is proportional to Hematocrit levels over 45%, which creates sluggish blood flow and slows down the healing.

4)  High blood pressure and Atherosclerosis also reduce the blood flow.

5)  Smokers typically have high LDL, high hematocrit levels, high blood pressure, and Atherosclerosis.

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