Amalgam Silver Fillings

Dental amalgam is made of 50% pure elemental mercury, 35% silver, 13% tin, 2% copper, and a trace of zinc and may be called 'silver fillings', amalgam or alloy. These materials are mixed and once placed in the tooth, the mesh enters a solid state.
The World Health Organization has a set of publications that have reported a significant amount of mercury in human bodies that is coming from the dental amalgam.
The FDA has recently advised against used of amalgam fillings in pregnant women and young children - which is a significant step.
Calgary University looked at effects of very minute levels of mercury to the nerve tissues (the amounts that we would be exposed to with dental fillings) and found that the mercury actually caused the nerve cells to degenerate.
Dr Fallah uses rubber Dam, micro seal and oxygen mask to eliminate any mercury exposure to his patient's during removal of their old silver mercury amalgam.
Amalgam removal and tooth-colored fillings and tooth replacement

Porcelains and other composites are new materials that cannot just fix a tooth, but truly restore its function, as well as its natural appearance and youthful beauty. Today's restorations are not only esthetically natural and healthy looking, but they feel and wear surprisingly similarly to natural teeth. Obviously no material is as nice as naturally beautiful and healthy teeth, but teeth repaired by or replaced with new materials come amazingly close.
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  1. Dental Amalgam Pollutes the Environment and Harms Humans. Amalgam Separator prevents the release of heavy metals such as silver and mercury into the environment. And mercury free dental amalgam is really healthy for human being. Thanks.
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  2. As far as I know mercury amalgam is rarely done nowadays due to its toxicity behavior. It says that the mercury content is being released in small amounts from the filling and that will negatively affect our health condition.

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  3. Dental fillings can either be white fillings (fabricated with a composite material) or amalgam fillings.

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  4. Dental bonding is a quick solution to problems such as cavities, gap between teeth and chipped teeth. Bonded fillings are very durable.
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