Choosing a Dentist

When choosing a dentist for you and your family, there are things you should evaluate before you make a decision.
For example, ask yourself the following questions:
Are the dentist and staff personable?
Do they listen to your individual needs and / or goals?
Will they tailor your treatment plan to keep you healthy?
Will they offer you amenities to keep you comfortable and calm?
- oral conscious sedation
- laughing gas
- massage chairs
- ceiling mounted plasma TVs?
- mutual respect in a relationship?
and most importantly
- are they using biocompatible materials to ensure your safety?

Dr. Fallah: "When a patient comes to see us for a consultation we really want to find out what their needs are.
What are you looking for in terms of your dental needs?
What are your expectations?
What are your goals?
Are you looking for routine maintenance?
Do you have pain issues or
are you interested in orthodontia or cosmetic dentistry?
We basically get to know each other and get to be comfortable with each other.
Our goal is to really get in tune with exactly why you are seeking our help.
And then from that, we schedule an appointment for records that are pertinent such as digital x-rays. We'll spend a significant amount of time at the examination appointment to really find out what your options are
and then go from there."

More coming soon on Dr. Fallah's patient-centered, holistic dentistry.

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