Toxic Mercury and Changes

WHY is Mercury Still Used?

At Least One Dental School is Forward-Looking

Research from major universities and the World Health Organization (WHO) clearly indicate that amalgam, mercury-based filling are toxic, adversely affecting the body’s immune response and the environment in general.  
Research has also indicated that the most toxic metal is mercury -- considered to be more toxic that lead, arsenic or cadmium.
With all of the negative indicators piling up,  nearly fifty percent of all U. S. dentists still use mercury fillings in their practices and a large number of U. S. dental schools continue to teach with mercury fillings as the material of choice.
In contrast, graduates of the New York University (NYU) College of Dentistry will not be taught with mercury amalgam materials.   A faculty letter recently sent to students at NYU cited the United Nations Environmental Program which proposes that mercury-containing products, including amalgam, be phased out of use.  The faculty letter also cited the large mercury load in the waterways of the world, including those of America.  A major source of that mercury is dental offices.
NYU, reported these and other issues that caused it to take the course of teaching students alternative ways to care to patient teeth, stating that, "all treatment plans should consider alternative restorative materials other than amalgam."
NYU is not going completely mercury-free,  will still include amalgam preparation design and placement, however, they have officially revised the default restoration material from amalgam to composite. The letter also states that:
·              Amalgam may still be used, however, approval for placement must be received from faculty after student-proposed justification.
·              Dental students will be trained in use of amalgam, but will be instructed in  indications and contraindications.
·              Strict mercury hygiene procedures are to be followed when using amalgam in both the clinic and preclinical settings.

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